Yoga is so much more than simply yoga postures (asanas). Yoga is a whole system
which includes philosophy, practices (such as non-violence and truthfulness), self-
discipline, pranayama (breathing techniques), internal focus, contemplations and
meditation. Yoga means union. It connects the body, breath and mind, helping us
move towards states of peace, harmony and wellbeing.


When we allow ourselves to shine, the world becomes a brighter place.

Ayurveda and Yoga


There is a strong connection between Ayurveda and yoga, both originating from Vedic philosophy in India 1000s of years ago. Each has its own purpose and function. Ayurveda focuses more on healing and maintaining wellness, while yoga focuses more on spiritual practice which connects us to deeper states of meditation, or Samadhi, the ultimate goal of yoga.  Yoga also benefits our physical, mental and emotional health.

Shining Wellness incorporates the principles of Ayurveda into its yoga classes. For instance, different seasons are dominated by different doshas – vata, pitta and kapha. Classes are created to balance the dominating dosha for that season. For example, the end of winter and beginning of spring is kapha time. To balance kapha, the yoga class would include energising, cleansing and invigorating asanas, pranayama and meditations.

Yoga and Meditation Classes

General Yoga

These are gentle to moderate strength yoga classes. Suitable for beginners, the classes include flowing sequences (asana), pranayama and meditation/relaxation.

This class is run online via zoom. You will receive a free copy of the recording after the class to download and keep.

Bookings essential

  • Online Hatha Yoga Tuesdays 6pm

    Online via Zoom


Private Yoga Classes

One – on – One classes

These private classes are a wonderful opportunity to personalise your yoga practice and/or work on specific issues or imbalances. Ayurvedic principles are incorporated into the session so that the class matches and balances your doshic constitution.

Bookings essential

Intuitive Meditations

These one-on-one sessions provide guided meditations tailored to you. They offer an opportunity to explore and connect to your inner world, gain clarity and work with specific issues such as anxiety, depression and stress. Intuitive meditation sessions are available for children, and can also be performed online.

Bookings essential

Private Yoga Classes for Groups/Families

Private group classes are available if you would like to run a yoga class at your workplace, home or at an event.

Bookings essential


Speciality Classes

Family Yoga

Family Yoga classes are a great way for parents and kids to connect while doing yoga in a fun and playful manner. Classes are run over four consecutive weeks every term.

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